How do I add a trip?

You can add a trip automatically by forwarding an itinerary email to or you can add a trip manually on the My Trips page. To do so manually, log in to flightview and click on the My Trips tab at the top of the screen. On the My Trips page, if you have no trips, click on the blue 'Add New Trip' button to create a trip. If you already have some trips, on the My Trips page, click on the '+ Add Trip' link in the orange header of the trip list table. When you click on either one, you will navigate to the Trip Info page for your new trip with a default Trip Name, Start Date and End Date. You can change these or accept them by simply clicking on the Trip Details tab or navigating to any other page. On the trip Details page, you can click on the '+ Add Flight' link to add a flight to your new trip.