Reasons an Itinerary Did Not Get Uploaded to flightview

There are a few possible reasons the itinerary you forwarded to did not get uploaded as a trip to your My Trips list.

  1. You forwarded it from an email account that is not in your flightview profile. Please make sure the email address from which you sent your itinerary is either the primary email or an alternate email address in your profile. [Website] After you log in to flightview, place your cursor over your name at the top of the screen and click on the 'Profile' link in the drop-down list to see the list of emails associated with your profile. [Mobile Apps] After you open the flightview app, tap 'Options' and then 'Settings'. Once you're logged in, tap the 'My Profile' link to see the list if emails associated with your profile.

  2. Your itinerary is from a booking site that flightview does not support. Please review this list of Supported Travel Providers.

  3. Your itinerary email was not formatted as expected so it could not be processed. Please check the format to make sure it is sensible.

  4. The flights in the itinerary email were not defined completely enough. Please check the content of your itinerary email for completeness.