What is a 'primary' email address vs. 'alternate' email address?

Your primary email address is where we will send all flightview general correspondence (with 2 exceptions explained below). Your alternate email addresses are additional addresses from which you may forward an itinerary so it is automatically uploaded to your My Trips. For example, your personal email address may be your primary, but you may want to forward itineraries from your work email address for business travel (in which case you would add your work email address as an alternate).

When you first sign up with flightview, the email address you provide as your login will be your primary email address by default. After you add alternate email addresses to your profile, you will be able to designate any one of them as your primary email address instead of the current primary.

You cannot delete the email address currently designated as the primary. Therefore, in order to delete it, you need to add an alternate email and assign it to be the primary instead. Once the current primary email is replaced with an alternate, it will become an alternate so you may delete it.

There are 2 cases where you will receive email correspondence at your alternate email addresses:

  1. When you add an alternate email address to your profile, you will receive a confirmation email at that address.

  2. When you forward an itinerary email from an alternate email address, you will receive a confirmation email at that address AND at your primary email address.