Embry-Riddle Uses FlightView Dispatch for Education and Enrichment



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has begun using FlightView Dispatch this spring semester as a key classroom tool at their Prescott, AZ campus. FlightView Dispatch will run on nine computers and be shown to around six hundred students enrolled in the Air Service Program as an introduction to ASDI software. The software will mainly be used to show the interaction between air traffic and meteorology.

FlightView Dispatch, created by RLM Software, is the first ever commercial standalone Aircraft Situation Display Information (ASDI) software program. Marketed in 1995, shortly after RLM became the first company approved to receive the ASDI feed from the FAA, FlightView Dispatch is a feature-rich PC-based flight tracking system that allows users to track fleets or individual commercial and/or general aviation flights on a satellite map with advanced high-resolution weather. The program is used by airport and airline operations, corporate flight departments, ground transportation companies and individual aviation enthusiasts.

Randy Rehbach, Chair of the Flight Department at Embry-Riddle's Prescott, AZ campus, chose FlightView Dispatch after using the product for six years in the operations department at National and America West Airlines. Rehbach says of the product, "I have always thought this is an excellent product. At America West, we used to give tours of operations and people were always impressed by the display and I think that it is going to be a great tool for our professors to use as well. For example, with FlightView Dispatch, they will be able to point out to the students a line of thunderstorms and show how flights are being rerouted as a result of the weather."

Professors in the Air Service Program will be using FlightView Dispatch as a way to show students in the FAA-approved Dispatch course what is going on in National Airspace. Rehbach says that most students have never seen ASDI software before, so being able to interact with FlightView Dispatch in the classroom will be a great experience and a useful tool for them. Students will mainly use the program to examine the effects of inclement weather on air traffic.

Lorraine Flynn, President of RLM Software, is thrilled that Embry-Riddle is going to be using FlightView Dispatch in the classroom, "Embry-Riddle produces the industry's best pilots, dispatchers and air traffic controllers. We are very happy that they chose FlightView Dispatch in order to introduce the next generation of aviation professionals to ASDI software."

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