Travizon and FlightView Mark One Year of Partnership

Automatic Flight Status Updates Make High-Touch Customer Service Easier for Leader in Corporate Travel Management


BOSTON, MA (Feb. 16, 2010) - For the past year, Travizon, one of the most prominent corporate travel management companies in North America, has increased efficiency and delivered highly personalized service to its customers, thanks in part to its partnership with FlightView. The company's consultants have visibility into real-time flight status information from FlightView, making it much easier to respond and support customers when air travel plans go awry.

On any given day, more than 250,000 Travizon travelers are in the air. Supporting business travelers requires a series of detail-oriented interactions (flights, lodging, ground transportation, etc.), often with high-powered users, who simply can't afford issues getting in the way of sales, customer meetings or conferences. Prior to partnering with FlightView, consultants manually monitored more than 6,000 flights each day, searching airline and airport Web sites, individual travel resource sites and weather forecasts to foresee and respond to potential travel delays.

In early 2009, with corporate travel declining as the economy slowed, Travizon needed a way to maintain the high levels of customer service they were known for - but at a lower cost. Now, with FlightView, Travizon can continue to provide clients with high-touch customer service delivered 24/7/365 by live operators - a strong differentiator in the competitive travel management market.

"Technology only brings you so far in travel planning," said Lehi Mills, CTO of Travizon. "When something goes wrong, or a question comes up, travelers want to talk to a person. That's what we're able to provide now - more humanized service."

FlightView's tracking portal, with continuous information refreshing, makes it easy for Travizon consultants to have the answers that customers desperately need to manage travel plans:

  • Is the flight delayed and when will the plane arrive?
  • What airports are experiencing delays that might impact the traveler?
  • What plans need to change to get the traveler to their destination on time?

With the answers to these questions at their fingertips, Travizon consultants easily rebook reservations, notify rental companies of delays and effortlessly place clients onto new flights.

"Travizon is one of a handful of companies that has embraced technology to move beyond efficiency," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. "Travelers aren't always the easiest to please and we're happy to be a part of Travizon's customer care solution."

About FlightView

FlightView is the recognized provider of the most accurate, real-time flight information solutions for the aviation and travel industries. FlightView's Dispatch and FVXML products help aviation and travel professionals achieve superior customer service with actionable real-time information. FlightView's information displays can be seen at airport terminals and on the Web sites of the largest major airports, airline and travel companies. FlightView's software services and solutions are relied upon by the US government, the world's largest airlines, airports, aviation and travel professionals, ground transportation companies and news outlets. Founded in 1981, and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, FlightView has more than 20 years of experience in building and supporting mission critical systems for the FAA and the Volpe Center. To access real-time flight information online, visit FlightView Flight Tracker or FlightView Mobile Flight Tracker.

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