Customer Demand for Day of Travel Flight Information Soars in 2010

Airports Will Answer with Information Rich Digital Displays and Mobile Websites, According FlightView


BOSTON, MA (January 25, 2010) - Fast access to real-time flight information is no longer a luxury - but a necessity - with consumer expectations hitting an all-time high in 2010, and expected to rise even further in 2011. Major U.S. airports will be quick to step up airport and online services to meet customer demand - launching informative digital displays and mobile websites, forecasts FlightView.

"To stay competitive in 2011, airports need to provide customers with fast-and-easy access to reliable, real-time flight and airport information," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. "Posting travel information throughout the terminal on digital displays and on mobile sites expands the channels through which an airport can provide information, while reducing the number of inbound customer service calls."

According to FlightView, three airport technologies gained traction in 2010 and are set to blossom in 2011:

  • Mobile Websites. Consumer use of smart phones skyrocketed in 2010 and will continue to do so in 2011 along with their sister mobile device - tablets, making mobile-ready sites a top priority for airports in 2011.
    By customizing mobile pages for consumer devices like the Android, iPhone and Blackberry, major U.S. airports can provide travelers and the individuals picking them up with instant access to flight information - wherever they are - while driving web traffic and ancillary revenue through mobile advertisements.
  • Digital Displays. With customer service and ad revenue front-of-mind, many of the nation's largest airports, including Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, installed new digital displays in high-traffic areas like the information counter located on the ticketing level, main hallways and baggage claim. The digital displays rotate informative travel content - including air traffic, weather, airport delays, and arrival and departure information - with advertisements to offset the costs.
    With the ability to instantly improve customer service and drive revenue, digital displays became popular in airports nationwide in 2010, and are expected to increase in numbers and expand into other areas of the airport, like food courts, gate waiting areas and shopping centers, in 2011.
  • Data Aggregation. In 2011, FlightView forecasts increased North American airport demand for third-party data aggregators. Rather than manually integrating multiple data feeds to provide rich travel information, a single-sourced data provider helps airports improve operational efficiency, streamline travel updates and cut costs.

"The economy hit the travel industry hard in 2010, making customer service and cost cutting more important than ever before," said Benjamin. "As the needs of travelers continue to evolve, airport executives must remain flexible enough to advance their technology with the times, and without breaking the bank."

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