Travel Industry Plans to Take Flight Information to New Heights in 2012

Top Priorities: Perfecting Mobile Content, Providing Transparency Into Flight Delays and Leveraging Cloud Services for Flight Data


BOSTON, MA (January 18, 2012) - Just weeks into the New Year, cutting edge airlines, airports, hotels and other businesses are upping the ante on how-and-where customers can access up-to-the-minute flight information, according to FlightView, the leading provider of day-of-travel information for the travel industry.

"Last year, airports and airlines looking for a competitive advantage were quick to implement mobile websites, native apps and new terminal displays," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. "This year, simply making content available through technology isn't enough. Travelers are demanding that the industry goes beyond only providing the must-have travel information, and instead offer information that truly makes their travel experience more enjoyable, productive and less stressful."

To keep pace with the industry and customer expectations, here's what airports and airlines should focus on in 2012:

  • Providing greater transparency into delayed flights. The lack of details communicated by airlines concerning delayed flights was a major problem in 2011. A gate-side survey found that 62 percent of travelers are frustrated when they're at the gate, learn that their flight has been delayed and can't get enough information on a new take-off time. The opportunity in the year ahead: airports and airlines can provide more detailed information for a delayed flight with gate displays that visually show passengers where their plane is located, and when it's expected to arrive.
  • Perfecting mobile content. Airports and airlines have a huge opportunity to improve customer service by moving beyond just offering flight status information on mobile websites and apps, to providing nearby amenities, boarding messages, upgrade information, social sharing functionality and other day-of-travel information. The result: a more addictive and informative mobile tool that leads to higher usage rates.
  • Tapping the cloud for flight information. Limited resources and an increased pressure to ensure that flight information is up-to-date, accurate, and always available will fuel more airports and airlines to enlist third-party cloud providers to manage, host, and distribute their flight information. The result: more reliable travel information at a lower cost.

In addition to airports and airlines moving toward making real-time flight information easily accessible and all-inclusive, FlightView expects malls, hotels and other businesses to begin to leverage flight information as a competitive advantage and revenue driver in 2012. Malls and retail outlets are already beginning to display flight information so consumers can better gauge how much time they have to shop before heading to the airport to travel or pick someone up. While select hotels and public attractions have been showcasing flight-information displays for a few years to build loyalty and deliver another value-add service to customers, the trend is expected to pick up in 2012.

"Travelers crave real-time flight information, and more venues will aim to satisfy that appetite in 2012," said Benjamin. "We expect to see more outlets - including malls, hotels and consumer websites - leverage travel content to build customer relationships and loyalty."

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