More Than 2,600 Travelers Speak Out About Flying Frustrations and Ways to Improve the Wait

Proactive information and WiFi accessibility emerge as top trends in new FlightView study


BOSTON (September 18, 2012) - No one's happy when flights are delayed or cancelled, but a new survey of more than 2,600 travelers conducted by FlightView, the leading provider of day-of-travel information, uncovers three ways airports and airlines can minimize customer frustrations: proactive communication, accurate flight information and free, ubiquitous WiFi.

"These are extremely reasonable requests - especially during delays and cancellations," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. "Airports and airlines that keep customers informed and connected see the greatest return in building long-term loyalty."

With thousands of responses to more than 20 topical, travel-related questions, FlightView just released two new research reports for airports and airlines. The data speaks directly to the challenges both parties face when it comes to customer satisfaction, and running profitable businesses.

Information's Role in Easing Air Travel Frustrations
As expectations for fast, accurate flight information take off - airports and airlines recognize the role that communication can play in easing frustrations. When asked for the number one frustration experienced during a delayed flight, nearly 40% of travelers surveyed said the lack of fast and accurate updates on new departure times.

"Travelers want to be in control of their experiences, and that begins with timely, accurate information," said Benjamin. With an emphasis on 'accurate' - traveler frustration skyrockets when the information provided by different sources, whether airlines or airports, on digital signage, websites, or apps, doesn't match up. Of those surveyed,

  • More than 65% have received conflicting flight information from gate displays, mobile apps, websites, gate agents, and more
  • Nearly 34% cite conflicting flight status information as the biggest frustration during a delayed flight

When asked for the number one thing that would improve their airport experience while waiting for a delayed flight,

  • More than 40% of respondents said free WiFi
  • 29% said access to airline lounges
  • Roughly 20% want digital displays to show aircraft location when not at the gate

"By providing timely, accurate, and consistent data across all customer-facing technologies - and WiFi access to enable productivity during wait times - airport and airlines can deliver an experience that passengers will keep coming back for."

For a full look at FlightView's survey of 2,600+ travelers, download both reports here.

With over 30-years of experience providing airports and airlines with real-time flight information, FlightView is in a unique position to help airports, airlines and travel companies quickly drive more customer loyalty and improve customer service. FlightView's own mobile website and travel apps, available on the Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry, are the leading and most highly trusted smart phone apps for more than one million users nationwide.

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