Tampa International Airport Creates New Standard for Flight Status Transparency with Flight-In-Sight

Powered by FlightView, First-of-its-Kind Gate Display Content Keeps Travelers Informed


BOSTON (May 22, 2013) - Striving to provide the best airport experience possible for its travelers,Tampa International Airport (TPA) has launched Flight-In-Sight! -- the industry’s first gate information display content to visually show passengers where their plane is located when it’s not at the end of the jetway.

Powered by FlightView, Flight-In-Sight! is the latest airport innovation aimed at keeping travelers informed through self-service. By showing the position of inbound aircrafts visually on a map, Flight-In-Sight! enables travelers to see exactly where their plane is located and how soon it's likely to arrive -- without having to rely on sporadically updated departure times provided by airlines and gate agents.

"When travelers are at the gate waiting to board, and they see that their aircraft hasn't yet arrived, they  sometimes become uneasy," said Doug Wycoff, Manager of Innovation & Infrastructure Support at Tampa International Airport. "FlightView helped us solve this problem with Flight-In-Sight!. Our travelers are constantly turning to gate displays for information, and they are now more informed than ever before."

In addition to displaying a plane's position and flight path, FlightView details a wealth of additional day-of-travel information on its Flight-In-Sight! displays, including radar weather, departure and arrival times, and in-air stats like speed, altitude, remaining distance and aircraft type. The availability of that information also eases the burden on airline gate staff by reducing the number of questions they receive from travelers.

"Tampa is at the forefront of providing its customers with the information, services and amenities they crave," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView, the day-of-travel information company. "By becoming the first airport to roll out this level of flight status transparency, Tampa reaffirms its position as a leader and innovator in the airport industry."

FlightView expects airline and airport demand for Flight-In-Sight! to rise in 2013. A new survey of 3,186 travelers reveals that 69% of travelers would value the ability to track their plane's location when it's not at the gate.

Checking the Skies: Tampa Adds Destination Weather
In addition to deploying Flight-In-Sight!, TPA recently rolled out FlightView's Destination Weather Live -- a new gate information display product that shows radar weather for the destination of the flight. Destination Weather Live gives passengers a sense of how the weather may be impacting their flights' departure and arrival times and is informative to travelers who are ultimately staying at the destination.

"We're committed to keeping our travelers as informed as possible," said Wycoff. "Every addition we make is singularly focused on improving the airport experience for our customers, and simplifying operations for the airlines and businesses that use our airport."

Flight-In-Sight! and Destination Weather Live are available to airlines and airports exclusively from FlightView. For more information on FlightView's gate information display products for airports and airlines, visit FlightView.com.

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