Travelers Set the Tech Agenda for Airports & Airlines:
Mobile Communication & Self Service in High Demand

2,600+ air travelers share experiences and expectations in new FlightView study


BOSTON, September 10, 2012 - Demand for mobile services in air travel has reached an all-time high. FlightView, the leading provider of day-of-travel information, just released two new research reports - specific to airports and airlines - with powerful feedback from more than 2,600 business and leisure travelers revealing incredibly high expectations for mobile communication and self-service capabilities. This presents airports and airlines with a major opportunity to generate ancillary revenue and strengthen customer service.

"We've seen a fundamental change in the way people travel, with a rapidly increasing dependence on mobile devices," said Mike Benjamin, CEO of FlightView. "That means airports and airlines need to move beyond showing static information on mobile apps and websites to pushing relevant, timely updates and offering key functionality for informing and empowering their customers to make better decisions on the go."

Case in point: Almost 94% (93.6) of travelers surveyed said they want flight status information pushed to mobile devices before take-off.

Mobile Information is a Must
Most travelers today have a connected device in hand. In fact, more than 80% of those surveyed use a smartphone in-flight, and more than 35% use a tablet and/or a laptop PC. As a result, travelers expect airlines and airports to provide mobile access to relevant day-of-travel information. For example, of those travelers surveyed:

  • Nearly 75% want a mobile alert when their flight is boarding
  • 57% want mobile alerts on seat upgrade options

"Communication also plays a vital role in easing customer frustrations," said Benjamin. "Gate changes, delays and cancellations - often unavoidable - can negatively impact a traveler's experience. But when airports and airlines provide accurate, up-to-date information on mobile as soon as it is available, customers are appreciative and more likely to be loyal when making future travel plans."

Mobile: An Untapped Opportunity for Driving Ancillary Revenue
As travel technology quickly evolves, travelers expect to move beyond receiving day-of-travel information on their mobile devices, to taking action on these devices - introducing an exciting new channel for airports and airlines to drive ancillary revenue.

Of the 2,600+ travelers surveyed, more than 35% want to use their mobile device to:

  • Purchase ticket upgrades (35.7)
  • Book ground transportation (35.8)
  • View coupons and specials for airport shops and restaurants (35.7)

In addition to sales transactions, more than 66.5% of travelers want the capability to rebook on another flight on a mobile device, and 65.9% want to be able to view terminal maps.

"Mobile and self-service are the future of the travel industry," said Benjamin. "Innovative offerings that were nice-to-have five years ago are now critical to staying competitive in today's market. Airports and airlines that effectively use mobile adoption to their advantage will see the greatest rewards in both customer loyalty and ancillary revenue."

For a full look at FlightView's survey of 2,600+ travelers, download this market brief for airports, or this brief for airlines.

With over 30-years of experience providing airports and airlines with real-time flight information, FlightView is in a unique position to help airports, airlines and travel companies quickly drive more customer loyalty and improve customer service. FlightView's own mobile website and travel apps, available on the Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm, are the leading and most highly trusted smart phone apps for more than one million users nationwide.

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